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Electrical Test


Part Number: MDBWP174.00.A01

Our electrical test box is meticulously crafted for the comprehensive commutate any electrical signal. This ensures the seamless functionality of your product upon completion.

Designed for electrical commutation

Adaptable to your needs

Portable, offered in multiple types of cable connection



Ver. 1.0

Introducing Traceability 4.0, Our Intelligent device converts any manufacturing machine to an intelligent 4.0 machinery seamlessly bridges the gap between conventional manufacturing processes, unlocking a new era of interconnected, data-driven production using Artificial intelligence focuses on Industrial manufacturing.

Plug & play system

Smart and affordable mobility solutions

No code needed

Contact Nest

for Catheter

The functionality of the contact nest is to take resistance measurements of the catheter dome and five catheter rings. Having an insertion of the catheter into the nidus, which falls into a mesh system for its measurement.

AC/DC Adapter 12Volts

Detection of the presence of insertion of the catheter dome into the nest

Quick connector for interface between contact modules and acquisition module.

Internally it has two easy-insertion connectors for a quick module change.

Contact Modules

for Catheter A, B and C

Contact modules for the holding mesh system for catheter measurement. Provide good contact with the catheter dome and rings. These modules are inserted into the contact nest so that their operation is correct and functional.

It contains a system of mesh.

The mesh is a stainless-steel wire with a specific diameter.

The modules have a small distance between wire and wire.

These modules have pins so that the contact signal can pass.