Intelligent Automation

At Mechatronics Design & Industrial Mechatronics we are committed to providing quality service and exceeding the expectations of our customers. We maximize the performance of your machines and / or industrial processes, automating them, and providing our technical developments and systems with distinctive advantages to keep our customers at the forefront of competitiveness in today's environment.

We use industrial instrumentation, which includes sensors, field transmitters, control and supervision systems, data transmission and data collection systems and real-time software applications to monitor, control plant operations or industrial processes.

At Industrial Mechatronics we want to help you optimize your company processes through custom software, easy to use and above all that meets the terms of efficiency and quality provided. We focus on development for Industrial and Commercial Applications, using Software for PC's, PLC's, Microcontrollers, Microcomputers, Database Systems, Remote Control, Telemetry, Instrumentation, Panel View's and special applications.

We want to know your goals and share your vision to plan a product tailored to your expectations. We will choose with you the right creative direction and the ideal tools to succeed.

We specialize in:

  1. Programming for different types of industrial machines (PLC).
  2. Databases in different managers
  3. RF reconciliation and traceability systems
  4. Tailor made applications
  5. Windows and Alternate Operating Systems (  Linux ,  Ubuntu , Amstrong,  Minix , among others)
  6. Creating web applications
  7. Microcontrollers
  8. BeagleBone

Main Advantages:

  1. Re-location of human operators in repetitive or high-risk tasks.
  2. Re-locating a human operator in tasks that are beyond the reach of his / her abilities such as lifting heavy loads, jobs in extreme environments or tasks that require handling of high accuracy.
  3. Increase in production. By keeping the production line automated, the process delays are minimal, there is no depletion or de-concentration in the repetitive tasks, the execution time is greatly reduced according to the process.