Transcend and serve the world by creating technology.


  • Confidence in God: Gratitude to the main host of our work
  • Family: We value family as the basic nucleus of society, custody of life and learning place of each person
  • Teamwork: Someone who enjoys contributing and being a team member
  • Customer: Achieve excellence in customer satisfaction
  • Quality: Successfully complete and reach or exceed
  • Urgency: Fast rhythm, action oriented with purpose
  • Responsibility: To take ownership of their actions and / or results and their consequences
  • Honesty: Telling the truth
  • Credibility: Let actions be consistent with words, practice what is preached.
  • Professional Development: Continuously increase professional skills.
  • Success: Reach or exceed goals successfully.
  • Justice: Treat others and be treated fairly.
  • Learning forever: Attitude that values growth, be guided, invest in self-education, learning this value, you will learn from others.
  • Leave legacy: Make the difference leaving traces for others to follow.