We believe that we are in this world to create great products,

we are constantly focusing on innovation,

we believe in the simplicity and not in the complexity,

we believe we need to own and control primary technologies

that hide behind the products that we create,

we believe that our products and services

improve humanity and save lives,

"For this we bet the whole thing for the whole".


We believe that difficult times are opportunities

to learn, invest and improve.

We believe in collaboration and teamwork,

we are not willing to accept something below excellence

in each service, product, collaborator or employee.

We have the sincerity enough to recognize

when we were wrong and the courage to change,

"Because we want a creative revolution".


We believe that we should go forward,

living with creative, rebellious spirit, doing the impossible,

create the incredible, with crazy thoughts and genius,

before death reaches us,

"Here lies our motivation."

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