Build Print Machinery

The manufacturing and repetitive build of machines are functions that are outsourced globally. This helps to allow companies to focus on their core business. Trusting your partner in this effort is crucial.


Mechatronics leverages our size and vertical integration to provide this peace of mind and operate as your Strategic Outsourcing Partner. Mechatronics has diverse expertise in codeveloping advanced programs that reduce manufacturing costs and speed time – to market for our clients. We do our own CNC work, welding and painting as well as progressive engineering to offer modernization recommendations.


Some of the highlights of PMD’s Build-To-Print offering:

  1. Product development and design engineering,
  2. Proof of Process and Prototyping
  3. International procurement,
  4. Extensive in-house quality control
  5. 1st Article and BOM Validation
  6. Assembly, wiring, and logistics.
  7. Run-off and validation
  8. Field service